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League of Legends Gives a Glimpse at the New Way of Handling Toxic Players

In the world of online gaming there are many ways you can be banned, often this is because of toxic behaviour towards other players. Riot Games has announced a new method to deal with unruly games in League of Legends, giving them an instant reason why.

SurrenderAt20 have provided a glimpse into how this system will work and in theory this does look like a good method, if it is used correctly. The problem with the use of automated systems though is just how strict they can be.


For users that have been abusive to others, this is an easy ban and will be based on user feedback. Toxic behaviour like this can often ruin games for people, and ruin the image people have of the community as a whole. As you can see from the example report card giving the banning reason, this will be shown to the user to prove exactly what they were banned for. Giving instant information like this instead of an email will be a much more effective route.

Where it becomes more complicated though is when users are manipulating the system, by methods such as feeding (dying on purpose to affect the game outcome). What happens if the player is just bad at the game? If the automated system picks this up too easy and starts to ban people, then the players are obviously going to be annoyed.

What we’ll have to see is just how good this system is when it is fully functional and how strict the banning system is. I’m sure that this can be balanced to weed out the people who are to blame, and that the system itself can be improved.

Do you think the new banning system will be a success? Let us know your thoughts below.