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Destiny 2.0 Patch – Here’s Where to Find the 3 New Dead Ghosts in Crota’s End Raid

The 2.0 patch for Bungie’s MMO first-person shooter Destiny added a few new Dead Ghosts in its Crota’s End raid – three of them, to be precise.

It seems that the location of all three have been found, thanks to a Reddit post on the very matter. Here are the places where you can find the three ghosts:

Ghost 1
The first of the three new Dead Ghosts can be found in The Abyss after the 6th lamp. Head to the immediate right into the darkness after approaching the lamp and continue on till you are at the edge of the map. Look down on the floor and you should spot the ghost over here. It’s called ‘Ghost Fragment: Thorn 4’.

Ghost 2
The second ghost is also in The Abyss. It is located just after you form the bridge and in the light that sends you to the second part of the raid. The last pillar located on the left at the end of the hallway is where you need to go. Head over there, and jump on the pillar. It’s quite hard to see because of the blinding light, so turn around and jump backwards. The ghost is on that pillar, and is called ‘Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth 2’.

Ghost 3
The final of the three new ghosts can be found in the open area where you fight Ir Yut/Crota. Head up the round set of stairs in this area to a room with a shrieker. There are some hanging metallic wires from the ceiling in this room. Check the end of one of the cables from which the wires are hanging to spot it stuck on the wall. This is called the “Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth”.

Have fun with these ghosts!