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A Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Mod for the Fans of Quiet

It looks like mods are starting to appear for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain on the PC. One has been released that will please Quiet fans.

I will give a spoiler warning before I start, though there are no explicit spoilers on show. As I’m aware that people’s view on spoilers do differ I do think it is best to add this warning, as I do mention Quiet in this article.

For people who have played the game you’ll know that at the start you won’t have access to her as a “buddy” straight away, and after a certain point you’ll lose the ability again. What this new mod does is give you the ability to bring her along with you on any mission, even when it should not be possible. The mod can be downloaded here. Be aware that there are images on that page that do reveal spoilers (though you can’t actually see them unless you enlarge them).

Instructions are given as to how to install the Mod, which is 52.2MB in size. Firstly make sure you backup your save file first, and make sure you install this AFTER mission 43. Then take the Data1.DATA file from the zipped file you’ll have downloaded and copy it into C:/Program Files/Steam/Steammapps/Common/MGS_TPP/Master to install the mod into the game. If you’ve installed the game in a different location you’ll need to identify your Steam folder then find the game.

Once this has been installed you’ll find you’ll be able to use Quiet as a buddy once more. Be aware though that using this mod does come with its own risks. With a bug currently in the game around Quiet as a buddy, it may also be worth noting of the extra risk to your saved games around this area also.

Will you be trying out this Quiet mod? Let us know your thoughts below.