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Star Wars Battlefront Drop Zone, 8v8 King of the Hill Styled Mode Detailed

If you liked the King of the Hill, you are definitely going to love Star Wars Battlefront Drop Zone Mode. This is a new mode based around supply drop possession which

Similar to “King of the Hill”-style experiences, the objective in Drop Zone centers on drop pods falling through the atmosphere onto the planet surfaces. In tight 8-versus-8 matches, Rebel and Empire teams fight to capture and control these pods.

The Star Wars Battlefront Drop Zone developers have also explained how the Drop Zone mode is going to play out:

When you locate a drop pod’s landing site, make your way to it and trigger the short claim process. Your team will win if it captures five pods, or control the majority of them after the 10-minute match is up.

However, it gets even more interesting if the two teams are unable to keep hold of the pod for the given amount of time because in that case another pod will be sent down.

One of the most exhilarating twists in this is going to be the trade-off between defending the pods and becoming easy targets for the enemy with explosives. This means that both the Rebels and the Imperial troops are constantly going to be on a collision course.

Drop Zone mode arrives alongside Star Wars Battlefront on November 17 in the North American region and November 20 in Europe.