Some Destiny The Taken King Players Got Free USBs From Activision!

Remember how we reported that some of Destiny The Taken King fans are going to have trouble playing the game because of hard disk space issues? At the same time we reported that Bungie had hinted at a solution for those who still own 20GB last generation consoles.

While the number of gamers who still own those – and have not upgraded the storage space – is very less, if you are one of them you might actually be gifted a free USB to handle the storage issues.

Bungie had said that users who are having storage space issues while downloading Destiny The Taken King expansion should contact Activision Customer Support, someone did just that and he was apparently given a 32GB USB drive for free.

The guy was using a 20GB Xbox 360, and now he has an additional 32GB storage on an external USB 3.0 drive where he can move all his data in order to install the expansion on the console without spending no a current generation model.

However, if you also fall under the same category you should act quickly since the offer is going to expire on the day when Destiny The Taken King expansion releases i.e. September 15, 2015.

In my opinion that is a pretty nice way to keep the fans loyal to the game, although very few users will actually need this.