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Rapper Ice T “Approves” MGS5 The Phantom Pain As Well

Tracy Lauren Marrow aka Ice T is one of the celebrities who are quite into videgames, in fact, he even manages to add his impromptu reviews about a number of games – usually through his Twitter account. This time he has indulged himself in Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain.

While Ice T should otherwise be talked about with regards to rapping, the American made it to gaming news with a tweet from his official Twitter where he announced “ok… Now I’m bout to go in on The Phantom Pain.”

However, as you would expect (if you know him), he came up with a quick review for Metal Gear Solid 5 just ten hours later. Guess what, he thinks this is the best game he has played in a long (with eight extra O’s) time.

Quick Game Review: Metal GearV ‘Phantom Pain’ Best game I’ve played in a looooooooonnng time. I’m just getting started. Super Dope. APPROVED

Not that he is the first person to praise the masterpiece that Hideo Kojima has pulled off, but seeing celebrities getting involved and even hyped for the game does speak volumes about it.

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