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PES 2016 Master League Details Revealed

With PES 2016’s release less than a week away, Konami have revealed details about the new Master League for the game. Revealing plenty of screenshots from the game as well as gameplay details.


The first thing they reveal are the new menu system which you will see after creating your manager and selecting the team. Konami say that these are fully redesigned and offer a streamlined experience for the players.


The Master League will feature new live screens within the menu system which offer live feeds to keep the gamer up to date with what is going on in the game. This will be updated based on their selected teams.


With a focus of adding more to the key moments in the game, the Master League will have new cut scenes, showing award wins, transfers and trophy wins.


Along with other changes there will also be redesigns to the scouting system within the game, as you’ll be able to see in the screenshots. In this section you’ll be able to scout out teams to find weaknesses that you can exploit.

In each game month, the Master League will provide you with monthly reports giving an overview of how good your team is doing.


Separate from the actual monthly report will also be a regular update based on team performance against its competitors. This will also let you keep an eye on the current injury situation.

pes-2016-player development

As player development is also important to the team there is also an area for this. This gives you insight into which players are making progress or which need a little help in their progress.

Player development looks at players and the roles they play for members of the team, players who fit into these roles will get added bonuses:

  • Youth Prospect: More experience earned from matches.
  • Protégé: More experience and team affinity increased
  • Star Player: Extra money from merchandise sales
  • Superstar: More income from merchandise, fan clubs, sponsors and a bonus if he is captain of your team.
  • Leader: Boosts condition of team mates in derbies and key matches.
  • General: Boosts condition of team members in all matches and they feel less tired if he is captain of your team.
  • Maestro: Players with the same first position earn more experience thanks to him.
  • Grand Master: Players with the same role earn more experience and get a boost if he is captain.
  • Bandiera: Superstar, General and Grand Master effects apply, plus a bonus to all income.
  • Legend: Superstar, General and Grand Master effects apply, plus a bonus to all team development.


Finally transfers will also have its own area showing offers that are coming in, allowing you to take whatever action you may need.

Are you looking forward to trying out the PES 2016 Master League? Let us know your thoughts below.