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Nolan North vs. Peter Dinklage, Who Gives the Better Performance in Destiny?

Destiny 2.0 is now live and the updates have been released. One question that can now be answered is who plays Ghost the best? Peter Dinklage or Nolan North?

Watching the video I find myself liking the “Dinklebot” interpretation more, his voice acting seems to fit Ghost. I’m assuming that this is down to personal opinion though on how a robotic voice should be presented.

To praise Nolan North’s performance though what he brings to Ghost is more of a personality. I get the feeling that this may cause some debate between Destiny fans as to what they want from the companion. Now that North will voice Ghost going forward, we don’t have much choice though whether we want one or not.

What we do also have to note from the video though is the choices of scenes picked. Not to say that it is a biased collection of scenes, really it is by playing the actual game itself where the difference will really be felt. This will especially be the case as we move into The Taken King where Nolan truly has the chance to shine.

With all the initial criticism of Peter Dinklage though, this video obviously works in defence of the performance he gave as Ghost. Was it really as bad as some thought? During development, beta testing, and the full game we know certain elements we re-recorded to improve Ghost so there is that. Whether Dinklage’s performance will be remembered in a positive way though is something we’ll have to see.

Looking at this video, I don’t think his version of Ghost deserves some of the criticism he gave. What are your thoughts on this and the Destiny update? Let us know your thoughts below.