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Nintendo May Be Involved With New Apple Tv, Special Event Being Held Later Today

Apple will hold an event tonight to show us the rumored new iPhone, new Apple Tv and more. What’s interesting is that this event is being considered highly important for gamers.

Rumor has it that Apple’s new Apple Tv has higher focus on gaming and Nintendo is somehow involved here. Sources close to the matter say that Apple Tv has a remote that’ll act as a controller as well, so there won’t be a separate device.

Price is around $150, which is more than the current Apple Tv model. So where does Nintendo fit into all of this? Well, it started when Nintendo avoided confirming a platform for Pikmin 4, even though the game is almost complete. At the time some evidence suggested that Nintendo plans to present Pikmin 4 on Apple Tv.

Nintendo is also working with DeNA to move itself in the smartphone market.

Nintendo and Apple are from two different worlds but many believe that they will fit perfectly together. Apple has shown interest in getting into the gaming market and who better to partner with than the most seasoned gaming company in the world?

It’s a long shot and I personally think these rumors don’t hold much truth. However, ¬†things will clear up soon when the event kick-off later today. Stay-tuned for more updates on the story.

Do you think Apple and Nintendo should work together on a gaming centric Apple Tv?