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Destiny Update v.2.0 Database File Reveals New Destinations, Quests, and Weapons

Destiny update v.2.0.0 database file has revealed new swords, vendors, activities, destinations, quests, and more.

The database file – which is 31MB in size – has been dug in by dataminers who have unveiled a complete list of things found in the said database:


There are a total of six swords found in the database; all of which are categorized under Heavy Weapons:


With your own hands you forged the mighty Bolt-Caster. Now take it in hand and unleash its thunder.

With your own hands you forged the mighty Dark-Drinker. Now take it in hand and slake its thirst.

With your own hands you forged the mighty Raze-Lighter. Now take it in hand and feed its flames.


Sol Edge
This reforged shard of Willbreaker wavers on the edge of Light and Dar.

Arc Edge
The dark heart of Willbreaker burns within this blade.

Void Edge
The Hadium metal of what was once Willbreaker courses with conflicting energies.

Activity Quests

There are a total of 11 new Activity Quests in addition to 240 new Activities:

Kings of Decay
Old Russia, Earth, Hunt the source of the Taken blight across the Cosmodrome.

Fear’s Embrace
Fleetbase Korus, Phobos, Return to the base on Phobos. Destroy the blighted source on Mars.

The Prime’s Path
Meridian Bay, Mars, Hunt the Prime Servitor that has brought together the broken House of Wolves.

Entropy’s Pinnacle
Ishtar Sink, Venus, Scale the Vex Citadel and hunt down the source of Venus’s blight.

Blighted Coven
Old Russia, Earth, Investigate the rumors of a Taken coven in the Cosmodrome.

The Archon-Slayer
Ocean of Storms, Moon, This renegade Wolf was dangerous enough before he murdered one of his own Archons.

Knock Knock
Meridian Bay, Mars, Hold the line against a brutal assault by the broken House of Wolves.

A New Den
Meridian Bay, Mars, Track the House of Wolves across the surface of Mars.

Ritual of Sacrifice
Ocean of Storms, Moon, Descend into the Hellmouth and find the sacrificial chambers.

Tenebrous Tunnels
Meridian Bay, Mars, Seek out the source of the Taken blight on Mars.

Dread Patrol
Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn, Establish patrol routes and beacon sites on the Hive Dreadnaught for the Vanguard.

New Places

There are also a couple of new locations; Phobos and Saturn:

Phobos – The larger of Mars’s two moons
Saturn – The ringed wonder hosts dozens of moons

Activity Types

There are a total of 7 new Activity Types which are listed below:

  • Mayhem Clash
  • Inferno Doubles
  • Classic Free-For-All
  • Classic 6v6
  • Classic 3v3
  • Zone Control
  • Mayhem Rumble

New Quests

There are a number of new quests that were found in the 31MB Destiny database:

  • Prove Yourself in the Rift
  • Dark Places
  • Prime’s Path
  • Talk to Ikora
  • Talk to Zavala
  • Equip Armor
  • Talk to Xander 99-40
  • Talk to Amanda Holliday
  • Siege of the Warmind
  • Taken Assault: Venus
  • Talk to Cayde-6
  • Complete the Path
  • Be Brave
  • Kill Taken Lieutenants
  • Talk to Petra
  • A Ranger Lost
  • Blighted Coven
  • Complete the Pat
  • Talk to Lakshmi-2
  • Classified
  • Bide Your Time
  • Sealing the Blade
  • Breaking Light
  • Create Orbs of Light
  • Escape the Cosmodrome
  • Classified
  • Talk to Ikora Rey
  • Talk to Shaxx
  • Speak to Ikora Rey
  • Create Orbs of Light
  • Classified
  • Talk to Ikora Rey
  • Classified
  • Small-Team Tactics
  • The World’s Grave
  • Depose the Court
  • Waiting on Tex
  • Dread Patrol
  • Talk to Master Rahool
  • Return to Shaxx
  • Talk to Ikora
  • Sealing the Blade
  • Honing the Edge
  • Talk to Banshee-44
  • Knifework
  • Talk to Banshee-44
  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
  • Armsday Alloys
  • End Over End
  • Salvage Custom Parts
  • Classified
  • Remnants of Darkness
  • Erupting Void
  • Talk to Petra
  • Talk to Amanda
  • Building a Wall
  • Talk to Ikora
  • For New Monarchy!
  • Drawn from the Light
  • Talk to Banshee-44
  • Talk to Shaxx
  • Talk to Zavala
  • Bound by Fire
  • Call Lightning
  • Classified
  • Talk to Zavala
  • The Sunless Cell
  • Bottle the Arc
  • Summoner’s Circle
  • Talk to Banshee-44
  • Classified
  • Talk to Shaxx
  • Crushing Victory
  • The Taken War
  • Outbound Signal
  • Talk to Zavala
  • For Dead Orbit!
  • Stand against the Shield Brothers
  • Be Brave
  • Talk to Ikora
  • Salvage Custom Parts
  • Withstand the Elements
  • Gather Weapon Data
  • Be Brave
  • Staking a Claim

Lastly, there are 3 new destinations, namely; City Perimeter, Earth, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn, Fleetbase Korus, Phobos.

Destiny is now available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.