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Battleborn will Always be Welcoming to “Newbies” and Veteran Players Alike

With many multiplayer games being a “newbie” can be a daunting prospect for the gamer, and put them off even trying. In a new interview with Battleborn’s publishing producer Chris Thomas, he discussed what Gearbox are doing to make it easy to enter the game at any point.

Borderlands fans will already know that Gearbox don’t have the best history in this area. If you’ve tried Borderlands multiplayer co-op you’ll know the levelling for enemies was based on the highest levelled player in the group. This made it hard for people at lower levels who had to battle enemies that were often too tough.

When it comes to Battleborn though, all players will start at level 1 and max out at level 10. A different levelling process will take place outside of the matches:

“Even though you can only level up from one to 10 within the match on the Helix, the more you play a character, the more it will rank up as well. You unlock different skins for those characters. You unlock new augmentations for your Helix. So you can further customize how you play that character, as well as how you rank up with those characters. There’s also a command rank. There are, like, multiple layers. All the experience that you gain will also level up your player rank and that will unlock all kinds of other stuff.”

For people who also want to get into the game but feel they aren’t good at first person shooters there will also be options for them too:

“There’s a couple different ways. One is having a huge variety of play styles and characters. I’ve been talking to a bunch of people the last couple of days and some people were, like, “I’m not a shooter player. I’m not good at aiming. I just don’t aim very well.” There are characters for that person. You have characters like Wrath, where aiming isn’t that big of a deal because he’s got two big swords.”

Will this new system of levelling make it easier for you to try Battleborn? Let us know your thoughts below.