Bandai Namco Trademarks Burning Blood, Slashy Souls, Thousand Storm

Bandai Namco, the publisher of Dark Souls might have something new up their sleeves regarding the series. While that is just a speculation, it is a fact that they have registered as many as four new trademarks in North America and Europe both.

The four alleged videogame titles that they have trademarked the names for can be checked out at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Matters (OHIM), however, we will try to share whatever is known about them below.

The trademarks are:

  • Burning Blood
  • Thousand Storm
  • Slashy Souls
  • Sky Kid

Burning Blood has been trademarked by Bandai Namco in Europe and this is the first time we have heard of that title anywhere. There is a similarly named game, Crows: Burning Edge, in development for PlayStation in Japan though there is no evidence the two are related.

Thousand Storm has already been trademarked in Japan suggesting it is a game with international release. As far as Sky Kid is concerned, the game is already out in Japan since March and the trademark is a clear suggestion Bandai Namco will release it in the west now.

The last one i.e. Slashy Souls is the title that is being pegged as something that could be a Dark Souls spin-off as suggested by the clearly relatable name.

Bandai Namco has not revealed any details regarding either one of these alleged titles so far, so it would be advisable to take all this with a little grain of salt.