Pre-Order Price for Hitman is Increased

With the confusing release details of Hitman one would assume that Square Enix wouldn’t want to add to it. Today though they decided to raise the price of the pre-order on the Playstation Store to £39.99 to £45.99.

This news is another interesting move for the “not Early Access” game, which will be released initially without the full content, which will be added later. Two weeks ago Amazon had stated that the game would release with 7 missions, though then this was proved to be false.

While a price hike like this is questionable, at this point at least it is just £5 and not higher. Reasons for the raise could be changes in development, even the cost of the release schedule that has been chosen for the game. Having to produce future expansions to the initial release will obviously add to the price of releasing the game. This is speculation of course, though I’m sure we won’t know the reason for the price change.

The release of Hitman is seeming to be quite contentious at times the return of Agent 47 is welcomed, in game form at least. While we’ve not seen that much of the game, what we have been able to glance at is impressive and fans will obviously be hoping for a successful return to action for the hired killer.

When looking at Hitman part of its success is the sandbox style of gameplay, as well as the option to do hired contracts, which is what the latest Hitman game appears to be working on. Let’s hope they tap into what makes these contracts so popular.

Are you looking forward to the new Hitman game? Let us know your thoughts on the price changes below.