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Plague Inc: Evolved Facebook Page Teases Xbox One Related News for Later this Week

Plague Inc., a highly popular iOS, Android game released back in 2012, may found its way on Xbox One soon. The game’s Facebook Page, which teased an announcement related to Xbox One later this week.

The game was announced for Xbox One a while back, but a release was missing from the scene. It seems developer Ndemic Creations are about to reveal its release date later this week.

Plague Inc will release under the name Plague Inc: Evolved on Xbox One, the same name it used for PC.

Price isn’t yet revealed but Plague Inc is available on PC for $14.99, so we can expect similar price for the Xbox One version as well.

Previously, when developers released the title for Windows Phone, it was said that development on Xbox One version is taking longer than expected. However, developers said that it is almost ready for deployment.

Now, it looks like it is finally ready for Xbox One fans. You can see a trailer of the Plague Inc: Evolved for Xbox One below:

We’ll let you know as soon as more details are shared with us regarding the upcoming announcement. Are you excited about seeing Plague Inc: Evolved on Xbox One? And you played the game before on mobile platforms? Let us know in the comments below.