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Is Bandai Namco’s Granzella a New Disaster Report Game?

Those of you who keep a check on all the teasers and leaks that come out of the gaming industry might have come across a Bandai Namco project codenamed City Shrouded in Shadow Granzella. What you didn’t know, however, is that this could be a new Disaster Report game, or at least a spiritual successor thereof.

They had put up a teaser website for the game with nothing but a role playing game-like artwork suggesting a fantasy setting with meadows and castles and horses (see above).

However, Bandai Namco has now updated the teaser page to add a twist to the alleged plot of City Shrouded in Shadow Granzella. The image that was previously visible now appears to be mounted on a display atop a ruined building.

Fans of Bandai Namco would jump to the conclusion that this could very well be a new Disaster Report game, and we think there is a real chance of that actually being true.

The developers on the other hand are not expected to unveil right away exactly what the City Shrouded in Shadow Granzella project is about which means we will have to wait for something the Tokyo Game Show.

We also have another, even stronger reason to believe that this could be a new Disaster Report game. The series creator Kazuma Kujo has recently bought the rights to the IP and he has done it under the banner of his new studio. Guess what is the name of that studio? Yes, Granzella!