Latest Destiny: The Taken King Cinematic Trailer Focuses on the Epic Battle to Come

September 15 is getting ever closer and with every trailer and gameplay video released the anticipation for Destiny: The Taken King is growing. Even people who aren’t fans of Destiny have to admit that the latest cinematic trailer has an epic feel to it.

With the coming of Oryx “The Taken King” there are scenes in the trailer that are reminiscent of other games such as Mass Effect. While they may be two very different games, it is the story driven nature of the trailer that will have fans a little nostalgic. Bungie of course will be hoping to catch interest of those not yet excited about the new extension to the Destiny Universe.

With this release it will be interesting to see how many gamers who are new to Destiny will be looking to start playing. With the beginning of Destiny 2.0 and the refresh the game is having at the moment this could be the perfect time to invest some cash and become a part of Bungie’s vision.

While this trailer focuses on the main elements of The Taken King, the new Raid, King’s Fall will not be released on September 15, but don’t worry too much about that. The Raid, which will take place on the Dreadnaught is set to begin September 18 and will feature the battle with the Taken King himself, Oryx.

With a trailer so rich in story, and gameplay footage featuring story driven events, one of the things gamers will be looking for is just how strong the narrative will be in The Taken King. One criticism that was initially given to Destiny was the lack of story, so hopefully this will be a focus for Bungie to strengthen in this release.

Are you looking forward to The Taken King and King’s Fall? Let us know your thoughts below.