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Ex Bungie Composer Wins Lawsuit Against Former Employer

Marty O’Donnell, Bungie’s ex in-house composer for Halo and Destiny, previously filed a lawsuit against the company. O’Donnell had his day in court and has won the case against Bungie.

According to the final ruling by arbitrator Sharon S. Armstrong, Bungie will have to honor the agreement it has with O’Donnell, where the company offered considerable amount of stock in the company.

The ruling mentioned Bungie not holding its end of the bargain and violating the agreement they had with O’Donnell. The company fired O’Donnell and forced to him forfeit his share in the company, and its profit participation plan.

Bungie is ordered to pay O’Donnell a hefty sum of money, for now, we don’t know how much but the first profit reward is $142,500.

On the other hand, O’Donnell can no longer sell music from Destiny unless permitted by the publisher. O’Donnell created music for Halo, foresaw direction for voice acting in Halo, worked on music for Destiny before parting ways with Bungie in 2014.

That’s not all, in a separate case, O’Donnell asked for unpaid wages for overtime etc, Bungie also lost that one and had to pay O’Donnell $95,000.

O’Donnell was at Bungie since 2000 and it is unfortunate how things ended between him and the company. However, O’Donnell says he is ready to move on.