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EA Warns Gamers About Fake Star Wars Battlefront Beta Sign Up Websites

With the beta for Star Wars Battlefront coming early October people are being warned by EA to be aware that signing up has not yet started. If there are any sites offering access, make sure to only trust the official site.

Writing on Reddit Matthew Everett, EA Community Manager wanted to make sure fans were aware of this:

“Registration has not been made available yet.

Do not be fooled by fake beta sign-up sites. Our beta registration will live on our official site here:

I will also be sure to post a link once it is available.”

With the excitement around the beta growing, this makes fans of the game obvious targets for spam sites, and sometimes even worse. As Everett states, the only links that you should trust are, as this is where all official news will come from.

In good news for people who are wanting to try the game out, the beta will be available to everybody. There will be no pre-order requirements, so everybody should get a chance to try the game out. This should give DICE plenty of test data as people rush to try what will obviously be one of the most popular games of the year.

With the game being released November 17, October beta testing will be the perfect time to give gamers the chance to experience DICE’s version of the Star Wars universe. Whether we’ll get what we expect from the game is yet to be seen, but hopefully the game will provide the experience we hope for.

With Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens releasing in December the next few month will be huge for Star Wars fans, with Star Wars Battleground playing a big part in it.

Are you looking forward to trying out Star Wars Battlefront? Let us know your thoughts below.