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Amazon Development Studios Looking to Develop a AAA, Competitive Melee-action Game

While we’ve known for some time that Amazon are pushing into games development it looks like things may be speeding up. A recent job posting give us a hint as to what they are looking to develop.

The new job posting is looking for a new Senior Level Designer, who will work alongside:

“key contributors from titles like: Half Life 2, Left for Dead, Thief, System Shock 2, Age of Empires, Shadow of Mordor, Guild Wars, The Last of Us, Gears of War, Forza, Bioshock, and Sunset Overdrive.”

In terms of the actual games they will be developing the posting reveals:

“In this role you must own the quality and goals of our Level team while creating the worlds and game situations for players to enjoy. You will be responsible for designing grey-box maps as well as scripting engaging scenarios and systems for a AAA, third-person, competitive, melee-action game. The ideal candidate will have a thorough knowledge of game design theory and tools pipelines, possess strong leadership skills, production-sensibilities, and the talent to produce and implement the highest quality work.”

All of this points towards a Triple-A game working with the likes of Portal designer Kim Swift, and Splinter Cell veteran Clint Hocking who are a part of the development company. With the mention of big games titles as the ones above this gives a taste of the focus the company has. While this may seem quite lofty aims, you have to remember the size of Amazon, and the amount of money they could spend.

If Amazon Games Studios can produce the “AAA, third-person, competitive, melee-action game” they are aiming for then this could be a games company to keep an eye on. They obviously have the veteran talent to create a big game, now they just have to deliver on it.

With the posting appearing now though, don’t expect any news on the game for some time yet. It is interesting though to see they appear to be serious in their ambitions to create their own games.

What are your thoughts on Amazon as a games development company? Let us know your thoughts below.