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Mad Prices on Mad Max During Release Week

The sales competition among several retailers for this week’s release of Mad Max can be categorized as “nuts.” For PC gamers, at least three retailers are offering Steam keys of Mad Max at discounts of up to 55% off. (Yep on release week).

Before the clock struck midnight, there was in fact at least four available deals (one of which was from Funstock Digital for Mad Max – which has now unfortunately expired).

Mad Max Release Week Deals

  • Green Man Gaming — $36
  • DLgamer — $31.79
    Use Code: DLG-QWAOPOE
  • 2game — $26.99
    No coupon needed for 2game’s deal

The price competition on Mad Max is so intense that DLGamer, which previously only had a 20% discount was forced to drop their price to 47% to match close to GMG and 2game’s pricing.

This is all very surprising considering the game has reviewed fairly well among the critics and gamers alike. 95% of users on Steam Store have reviewed the game positively.