It Looks Like ESPN is Hiring for eSports Coverage

In recent years, eSPorts has gained attention of millions of people around the world. Whether they are gamers or not, they tune-in to watch the action go down between some of the best players.

What’s disappointing is that popular Tv Sports networks don’t cover eSports event, mainly because it isn’t considered a sporting event at all.

eSports is actual sports or not, is a debate we won’t be going into today. However, it seems ESPN is starting to recognize eSports and haS started to hire staff to cover gaming events.

ESPN’s career page posted a job listing for an Editor for, who’ll manage eSports coverage:

The eSports editor will oversee the daily production of all eSports content. They work directly with writers (including many of ESPN’s biggest names) and partners to assign and edit content in a fast-paced daily environment. They write headlines and evaluate stories for accuracy, fairness and completeness. Editors must be able to develop unique and compelling content that speaks to a unique audience.

It’s good to see a network like ESPN interested in eSports as it is beneficial, not only for such events, but the gaming industry in general.

How do you see this move from ESPN? Let us know in the comments.