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GTA Online Labor Day Weekend Sale, Double RP and GTA$ Events Detailed for the Weekend

Rockstar has announced its plans for GTA Online for next few days. Starting today, users will get 25% discount on all aircraft, while they can earn double RP and GTA$ in Air Races and Parachuting Jobs.

On September 5, players can purchase high-performance vehicles for 25% and earn Double RP/GTA$ on all Land Races. That’s not all, on Sunday, September 6 players can get a 25% on Speedboats from Docktease.

Whether it’s a leisurely sail off the coast of Chumash you’re after or a speedboat to draw stares from Vespucci Beach, the boat of your dreams is 25% off this Sunday at Docktease. And if competitive watersports are more your thing, take advantage of 2X RP & GTA$ payouts for all Sea Races.

Last but not least, Warstock Cache & Carry is offering a 25% discount on their stock. Get your favorite weapons and earn double RP and GTA$ in all Deathmatches.

Madness will end on Tuesday, so earn as much money and RP as you can throughout the weekend. So what are you waiting for? Boot GTA V on your system and start earning as much as you can before Tuesday.