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Elite Dangerous AMA Reveals Plenty of Details on the Xbox One Release

With the news that Elite Dangerous was coming to Xbox One, this caused instant interest from gamers with nostalgic memories of the original Elite. Currently on the PC, its successful Easy Access run has seen Elite fans very happy with the progress of the game.

Now that the game is making the move to console, Frontier Developments CEO David Braben took part in an AMA on Reddit to talk to the fans about what to expect in the game. One of the most interesting things he revealed was the fact that when the game was released October 6, it would connect with the PC version of the game in terms of the player base and exploration. It should be noted though, the release date is what they are aiming for, and still could change at any time.

The fans asking questions on Reddit brought up some interesting points, including how the Kinect would be supported. Braben revealed that head tracking is currently not being planned for. This comes as no surprise with the lack of support the Kinect has these days.

When asked if mods would be supported on the console version Braben said:

“It’s something we’ll look at, but this is a challenge on console. Certainly I cannot promise anything.”

With games like Fallout 4 looking to provide modding, this is something fans of Elite will obviously be interested in. If requests for this were at a high enough level this may come in a future update.

With the game coming to Playstation 4 in the future, Elite Dangerous’ popularity is likely to grow among fans. Already gaining good word of mouth between PC fans the fact that the Elite Dangerous universe is ever growing means that the popularity for the game is likely to carry on growing.

The whole of the Reddit AMA is well worth a read, especially for fans of the game who want to see what is coming in the upcoming months.

Are you a fan of Elite Dangerous? Will you be playing it on the Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts on the release below.