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Destiny: The Taken King Court of Oryx Gameplay Footage

The last live stream Bungie conducted for Destiny: The Taken King focused on the Court of Oryx and showed off gameplay. Now the replay of this footage is available, but as stated the exclusive Twitch stream reveal which took place at the end is not included.

In the video you see the three players Ben Wommack, Eric “Urk” Osborne, and “Community Guest” Laced Up Lauren taking part in the new public events that take place in the Court of Oryx. The stream lasted around 35 minutes so there is plenty of gameplay to watch.

During the stream we see new features that the Guardians can use to help in their quest, though there are some thing that were left as a secret. A few times you’ll see that things do appear, but the point is made that these things won’t be discussed until the game is released. It’s good to see that Bungie have decided to keep some things a secret for the players.

It’s a shame that the Raid trailer isn’t included on this recap of the stream as it is impressive. Building up the final showdown with the Taken King himself, it actually adds some story to the Raid event. As Destiny has often been criticised for its lack of story it’s nice to see that Bungie are working hard to make both the Take King update and the Raid, which will release a few days after it, actually feel story intensive.

With The Taken King we’ll also be heading into Destiny 2.0, which will see major changes coming to the game. In this gameplay, you don’t hear Nolan North, but as we know he’s taken over the role of Ghost, and the companion will have much more to say in the game.

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