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Destiny Producer Reveals Gunsmith Event, Court of Oryx Fireteam Cap

Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy has given us some information, regarding what Guardians can expect in the week leading up to Destiny The Taken King release.

Noseworthy has revealed that starting September 8, Guardians can earn reputation with Banshee-44, the Gunsmith in Destiny. Guardians can field test weapons at Banshee-44.

In addition to sharing this information with us, Noseworthy also shed light on some recent confusion over Court of Oryx fireteam cap. Some users believe that Court of Oryx fireteam is capped at 6. However, that is not the case as level cap is 3 for fireteams.

Destiny: The Taken King is coming out on September 15 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. On a related note, it’s Friday today and XUR has arrived in Destiny.

He brought some exotic items and engrams for Guardians, in exchange for some Strange Coins and Motes of Light. You can see his inventory here.