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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC Available Now on PC and PlayStation

Sledgehammer has released Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC pack on PlayStation and PC. The same DLC has been available on Xbox for a while.

Players are getting four new multiplayer maps, Exo Grapple playlist is back, and we will see the epic end to Exo Zombies that will take players to Arctic and Liberty Island in New York.

Four new MP maps include:

Overlord – Action will take place in Baghdad. With multiple levels and long perimeter site-lines, this map is suited for medium to long range combat.

Quarantine – It’s a medium sized map with tight corners and some open areas. It’s suited for any style of play.

Fracture – This map features large combat areas on the shelf of a glacier. Players can cover behind wind turbines and heavy equipment.

Swarm – It’s a small to medium sized map, you’ll be in the middle of war-scarred storefronts where plenty of cover is available.

Reckoning is a part of COD AW’s season pass, however, it can be bought separately as well for $14.99. Visit Steam on PSN to get the DLC pack for PC or PlayStation.

Advanced Warfare is the last Call of Duty game that will get content early on Xbox. With Black Ops 3, PlayStation is going to be the leading platform for COD games and their DLCs.