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WatchUp CEO Praises Wii U’s Second Screen Experience

While there was no major announcement that the Watchup app was to be released for the Wii U it can now be found on the Wii U eShop. Featuring a two screen approach to presenting news and video to the user.

Featuring news from sources such as Bloomberg News, Fusion, Financial Times, The Verge Vox and AJ+ videos are presented on the television screen, with associated text appearing on the GamePad. When speaking to TheDrum, WatchUp CEO and Founder Adriano Farano why the app has been released on the console that tends to focus on a younger audience:

“philosophically, the partnership was a natural fit because Watchup’s core mission is to bring the consumption of broadcast news into the modern digital age,” Watchup CEO and Founder Adriano Farano told Found Remote. “Younger audiences, particularly the cord-cutting set, are demanding that their news is personalized and available to them when they want, where they want it. This is exactly what Watchup provides.”

On the use of the Wii U’s second screen he revealed:

“The ability to leverage a second screen led Watchup to come up with the idea of a “watch and read” interface that takes advantage of both screens in a fully functional way,” Farano told us. “As it turns out, the Wii U platform is probably the best realization of the “second screen” experience because it doesn’t require downloading a second app on your phone or using a separate device. Because it’s the same integrated hardware, it is completely synchronized and seamless. News articles related to the video being watched are automatically populated on the handheld device and can be browsed for added context with the swipe of a finger.”

The use of the Wii U this way is intriguing, whether it will be picked up by many users will be another matter. For a console that is mostly used for gaming, is a news app really going to be a success on the platform?

What are your thoughts of WhatUp’s use of the Wii U and its GamePad? Let us know below