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Super Mario Maker Review Roundup; Nothing But Perfection!

Super Mario Maker is supposed to come out on September 11, 2015 but the reviews have started pouring in for the game. Not that I don’t already know that it is a definite hit, and a masterpiece, but because some of you might be interested in what the critics are saying I shall list down as many review scores as I can find.

Before you dig into that, let me summarize what you are going to find; Super Mario Maker is, in words of one of the reviewers, doing the unthinkable: instead of the company showing off the legacy of a product, it lets youdo the making of documentary of Nintendo.

That being said, here are all the reviews that I have found for the game (do let me know if I have missed out on anyone), knock yourself out:

As you can see, Super Mario Maker has managed to not only please each and every one of the reviewers and fans, but made some of them ecstatic about the content too! It is a must have to say the least.