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Over 111,000 Lines of Dialogue Recorded for Fallout 4

Bethesda took to Twitter today to celebrate the fact that Fallout 4’s voice recording has been complete. They also revealed just how many lines of dialogue are in the game.

With over 111,000 lines spoken, it looks like there will be plenty of conversations to be had in the game. With the number of people and creatures that we see in the wasteland though I’m sure that there will be plenty of people to talk to. It will be interesting to see how many voice actors were in the game, looking at its IMDB page not many have been confirmed yet. We’ll likely know these details after the game is released.

After the initial release of details about the game, we’ve not seen much more. Posts to Twitter about details such as these work to tease us with what is going on in the development, leading up to the November release but it would be nice to see something with a little more detail. In some ways this is refreshing though as it’s saving many surprises for when the game finally releases.

When we finally get to play the game, it will be interesting to hear just what these lines will be. Will there be any classics like the Skyrim arrow to the knee line? We may even get some Easter Eggs if we are lucky, hinting at connections to the other Fallout games. Nice touches like these will help with the immersion of the game, especially with long-term fans of the Fallout games.

Does the number of recorded lines of dialogue in Fallout 4 impress you? Let us know your thoughts below.