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Monster Hunter Stories Official Website Goes Live, New Information Revealed

Monster Hunter Stories website is now live and it has brought us some new information regarding the game. These details are related to story, characters, setting and more.

First, let’s talk about the story and setting of the game.

Monster Hunter Stories in set in Rider Village, where the lead character completed a trial to earn Kizuna Stone, and is now a Rider. The hero is joined by Nabiru, his/her partner in crime, and they both decide to see the world beyond their village.

However, there is a darkness looming beyond the village. The shadow is approaching and people are beginning to see changes in their lives.

Riders and Hunters are about to be tested.

Monster Hunter Stories allows you to choose the gender of your character, so you can be a male or female. Gameplay system is turned-based, and players will use Power, Technique, and Speed command options.

Fighting monsters is more than about causing damage, players will have to judge their habits and use them as advantage.

Rider’s attack will change depending on the weapon used at the time. Heavy weapons Nagiharai” special skill, while one-handed weapons “Shield Bash” special skill.

For more information, you can visit the official website here.