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Leaked Batman Arkham Knight PC Patch Breathes Confidence in the Game

We all know what sort of a mess Batman Arkham Knight PC version was when it was released – still not sure what were the developers thinking! However, they have been working on it and Warner Bros. has repeatedly promised to fix the game. It looks like they really are.

A patch somehow went live on the game’s Steam page and was taken down pretty soon after, suggesting that it was still incomplete. Nonetheless, some of the fans were able to download it and if their feedback is believed, the patch is really doing wonders!

Check out the image below to see some of the new graphics options that are going to available to you after the patch is officially released.

Batman Arkham Knight PC Patch

The Batman Arkham Knight patch allows users to disable Chromatic Aberration as well as Film Grains and introduces a higher texture filtering too.

As far as the effects of this (still incomplete) patch are concerned, some of the users are claiming that even with maxed out settings, 60FPS sounds possible now and that most of the performance issues that plagued the game are now fixed.

Batman Arkham Knight have rolled back the update for now, but all those improvements are what we need and I think these changes will be there when the patch officially releases – hopefully alongside other fixes.