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Just how Prevalent is DOTA 2 Around the World?

With games like DOTA 2 bases online, the people playing come from all over the world. Have you ever wondered which countries have the most players?

One Reddit user was curious as to how prevalent the game was in different countries, so using Steam Spy has come up with some interesting results in graph form, which you can see below.

1 - Percentage of players by country 2 - Percentage of Dota 2 players agains each country total population 3 - Dota Prevalence Index

Looking at the percentage of players it looks like Russia comes out on top with 21.11% and Spain comes out bottom with 0.32%. Other results are to be expected with USA, Philippines and China being at the top of the list also.

When looking at the percentage of the population playing the game, Singapore takes the lead with Belarus and Russia taking second and third place. An interesting result is that the UK have overtaken USA in this graph with 1.45% of the population against USA’s 1.18% though the difference between the two is slim. Once again, Spain comes out bottom with 0.38%

In the third graph which looks at the DOTA prevalence index, Ukraine comes out on top with Philippines come in second and Belarus once again appear third. Again UK are ahead of USA in this graph.

Whether these results can be confirmed as reliable is up for debate. They are interesting to look at, but basing the data on Steam Spy may not lead to reliable results. The fact as the site is in beta will also lead to irregularities. Based on the data available though it does reveal some interesting facts about DOTA 2 and gives us an idea of just how popular the game is.

Did you find the information presented on the graphs interesting? Let us know your thoughts below.