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Bethesda Teases What’s Inside Fallout 4 Loot Crate

First things first, Bethesda and especially Todd Howard knows just where to hit when the iron’s hot. Fallout 4 is all hype these days and the developers are fueling it up a little more by teasing about in-game features. This time they are talking (or not talking?) about the Loot Crate.

The developers shared a new image that looks like a letter to the Vault Dwellers, but being as cheeky as they have always been, all they did was tease of what we will get. Here’s the text:

You’re probably really excited about the Fallout 4 Limited Edition Crate, but just like a super mutant scratching on a Vault door, you wanna know what’s inside! We can tell you that it features awesome Fallout 4 collectibles, including a cool wearable designed to prepare you for a journey through the post-nuclear world and several EXCLUSIVE items you can’t get anywhere else! Trust us, when the order page goes live, you’ll want to be on this like a radroach on a… everything.

Yeah exclusive items is definitely what is going to make the fans buy the Loot Crate, but come on, what are those exclusive items!

They did add that we should stay tuned for more details, and mentioned that wearable alongside “collectibles” etc. but we already know and want all that.

We need specifics Bethesda! And we want footage for Fallout 4 too!

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