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Star Wars Battlefront to Use Skill Based Matchmaking, No Server Browser Offered

Just when Star Wars Battlefront started to grow on me, a new piece of information has once again made me skeptical about buying the product. It’s a small but significant information, one that will have notable impact on gameplay.

According to community manager Matthew Everett, Star Wars Battlefront will not be offering Server Browser. As an alternative, it will be using some kind of a “new skill-based matchmaking system.”

It is confirmed that Server Browser won’t be an option on consoles, but for now it is unclear if the same is going to be the case with PC. However, his comments does indicate that there will indeed be no server browser for PC as well.

Server Browser is a common feature in Battlefield games on both PC and console. This move is in-line with DICE’s recent comments, saying that Battlefront doesn’t share a single system of Battlefield.

DICE not adding server browsing may put people off, and it sure doesn’t look like the right way to go. However, like the entire game, this just might also start to grow on me too, but for now, I need to think over my decision of getting the game.

Star Wars Battlefront is coming out in November for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.