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Sony CEO Praises the Innovation of Project Morpheus

With the IFA Consumer Electronics Show starting on Friday all the big companies will be showing off their latest technology. In a pre-show press conference at Sony’s booth, CEO Kazuo Hirai has commented on Morpheus.

Quoted on Dualshockers, this is what he had to say:

“Now, of course, one fantastic example of this is Project Morpheus, our virtual reality system designed for the PlayStation 4. Morpheus, simply put, is a remarkable innovation that showcases the future of gaming and pushes the boundaries of play.

Project Morpheus achieves a sense of presence that takes you beyond conventional gameplay and to worlds of unprecedented depth and perception. So we’re talking about poweful 360 degree experiences unlike anything that you’ve ever experienced.

And not only does Project Morpheus deliver unique, next-level VR experiences, it also provides a social dimension, that allows players to connect and share their experience with others, whether that’d be playing alongside each other, or even via online multiplayer.

So once again, please take the time and really enjoy the many immersive and innovative experiences in the PlayStation area, right here at this booth this week. And hang on to your hats. It’s unlike anything, anything that you’ve experienced before.”

What is interesting about these comments is the fact he claims the Sony VR headset to be innovative in its design. While we don’t know exactly what “innovations” they have put into Project Morpheus, is it any different than the Oculus Rift and other VR headsets that are being developed at the moment?

While the above quote is of course marketing the product, I’m sure most gamers will be cynical that Project Morpheus is bringing anything new when it finally releases. It’ll be interesting to see just how innovative it really is, and what effect it will have on the game. As with most VR headsets, I remain sceptical.

What are your thoughts on Kazuo Hirai’s comments? Do you expect Project Morpheus to be an innovative VR product? Let us know your thoughts below.