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Killing Floor 2 Gets New Update: Nvidia FleX, Classes, Maps Included

Killing FLoor 2, as the name suggests, is all about blood and gore; with a new update titled “Incinerate ‘N Detonate” they are furthering those two things even more. The update not only brings a more realistic look at the bloodshed with Nvidia FleX but also adds new content.

You are looking at two new maps called Evacuation Point and Catacombs, and two returning classes i.e. Firebug and Demolition that come with their signature weapons.

Other than that new weapons namely 9mm pistols, C4 explosives, the Dragon’s Breath trench gun, flamethrowers, RPG launchers, and a microwave rifle are going to be at your disposal too!

In order to let you “dial the gore up to 11,” the developers have added “Gibs” and “Gibs & Fluid” settings that allows more “pretty” blood and gore scenes.

The impact FleX has had on Killing Floor 2 is stunning. Blood has volume. It pools and drips realistically, squirting from the stumps of severed limbs and busted skulls. The Zeds wade through knee-high piles of flesh and gore that interact with them and their special abilities. It’s not just pretty to look at, it changes our game.

They say Nvidia FleX was turned and tailored to fit with Killing Floor 2 with the held of Nvidia developers too.

Are you playing Killing Floor 2 on your PC or PS4? Do tell us how visible the improvements are!