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In Destiny The Taken King Xur Will Sell Legacy Engram, Three of Coins

This just came out from the maker of Destiny The Taken King expansion and since we are not as informed about Xur Agent of The Nine’s habits these days, anything official is certainly worth reporting.

That being said, the Executive Producer at Bungie on Destiny: The Taken King, Mike Noseworthy was recently active on his official Twitter profile where he revealed some information about items that the veiled vendor is going to sell.

He make a two part tweet, firstly he talked about something called the Three of Coins which will add to the chances of an Exotic being dropped after a boss kill. Here’s the tweet:

With The Taken King, Xur will sell ‘Three of Coins’ – a consumable that increases Exotic drop chance from your next Boss kill. Take that RNG.

In the second part of the tweet Mike revealed that Xur Agent of the Nine is also going to be selling Legacy Engrams that are going to get decoded into exotics from the first year:

Xur will also sell a Legacy Engram that decodes into Year 1 Exotics. Collectors gotta collect.

He got that last part absolutely correct though, the fans who like to collect are definitely going to want to get that Legacy Engram in Destiny The Taken King.