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Don’t Expect a Playstation 4 Slim Anytime Soon

If there is one console rumour that never seems to die, it appears to be around the slim versions of the consoles and when we’ll get them. Looks like we won’t bet getting a Playstation 4 Slim anytime soon.

In a recent interview with Gamingbolt Atindriya Bose, India’s Playstation boss was asked if there were plans to release one:

“That’s too speculative in nature. As of right now we are going to focus on the 1TB launch.”

So there you have it, the company are focusing on the 1TB launch for now. In my opinion this is a smarter move, especially with the digital nature of the current generation consoles. While it would be nice to see a slim and stylish new Playstation 4, the impetus really has to be to up the storage space and make sure the console can handle all of the new games that are thrown at it.

While we know that it is inevitable that the Playstation 4 slim will be coming, maybe we should focus on some of the games that are making their way to the console. In the same interview, Bose also commented on Gran Turismo:

“There are certain genres that does very well and there are certain titles that do well. But if I have to pick up a few that perhaps every player talks about you have the Gran Turismo and FIFA series. These are the must haves for anyone who is jumping into any of the console formats. So yes, Gran Turismo is a very important title. We have seen fantastic success with the last bundle we did (Gran Turismo 6) but beyond that I don’t think I can comment on its future.”

Are you looking forward to a Playstation 4 Slim? Or would you rather concentrate on more important things like storage space issues? Let us know your thoughts below.