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Cliff Bleszinski Comments on why he “Retired” from the Gaming Industry

With the recent reveal of Cliff Bleszinski’s upcoming game LawBreakers, the game designer has been commenting on his career. In a recent interview with Destructoid he commented on why he took a break from the industry before making this return.

The main reason seems to have been fatigue, and a feeling of being jaded with the industry itself:

“It was a combination of gamers feeling jaded, as well as working with some very talented people who were also very jaded,” Bleszinski said. “I could pitch the most amazing idea to anybody back when I was at Epic toward the end, and they’d be like ‘I don’t buy it.’ I don’t mean to slag anyone, but people get jaded in this business.”

As fans of gaming will know, there are many dramas surrounding the games industry and Bleszinski’s words are believable. There will always be differences in opinion in any job, and to have your ideas rejected does tend to make you feel jaded. Hopefully the break he’s had and the move into the new company will bring him back to what he does best.

In the interview he also says that he thought he was done with the business, and he did in fact “retire” from it. With the look of LawBreakers we are lucky he decided against staying away for too long, though we’ll have to try the game out before we praise it too much.

What are your thoughts on the comments made by Cliff Bleszinski? Are you looking forward to LawBreakers? Let us know below.