Bungie Reveal King’s End Raid Date on Court of Oryx Live Stream

Bungie have just presented their Court of Oryx stream on Twitch and revealed the Court of Oryx. For those who were watching they also revealed when the Raid, King’s End will be taking place.

While there was news that King’s End would not be released at the time of The Taken King, it now appears that it will be starting September 18 only three days later at 10AM PDT. This date was shown on the trailer saved exclusively for the Twitch live event.

For most of the stream, we were shown the Court of Oryx, which will be where public events will take place. These are initiated by runes found around the Destiny universe. These are presented within the court itself which starts the three tier event against the Taken’s chosen boss characters.

When the tiers are initiated, the main aim is to determine which mechanic you have to use to defeat the boss. One for example had a shield that could only be taken down when its minions were defeated, and another featured three Wizards who could only be killed at the same time so timing was essential.

While the first tier seemed challenging, but not overly so the second tier upped the stakes with multiple bosses and a more restrictive time limit. While the public events will feature three tiers, the third is being saved for when the game is released.

The trailer shown for The King’s Fall was impressive, and focuses on the fact that Oryx cannot be taken down by one Guardian alone. Impressively it felt like a focus was on the story, with a feeling that the raid will be a battle where it truly could be winner takes all.

Did you watch the Twitch live stream? Are you looking forward to the Raid? Let us know your thoughts below.