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A Look at the Living World of NBA 2K16

In a new video for NBA 2K16 the developers have taken a look at the living world of NBA 2K16. Commenting on things we’ve already noticed in previous trailers they talk about how the game adapts on the players successes in the game.

In the video which features Mike Wang, Scott O’Gallagher and Jerson Sapida they show footage that highlights the realistic feel of the game world. What they are able to give more detail on is just what they’ve actually added in to create this, and what we are in fact seeing.

Not only have they looked at the way the players react during the game, but they have also adapted how the coaches will react to how you play. They will change their game plans based on handling your play style, where your strengths are and what weaknesses they can use against you. In a play-off situation this will also show in the way they handle your style from game to game. If you defeat them the first time, don’t expect their tactics to remain the same in the next match.

This focus on adaptability will also be seen on the court itself. The players will work to find weaknesses in your style and ways to beat you. The aim of all of this is to make the game feel more realistic, not only in the graphics but in the challenge that it presents you.

If the features, which the developers reveal in the video, work as well as they say they do then this will be an impressive basketball game and quite a challenge. We’ve all seen hype like this before, but until we see it working in the game we won’t be able to see just how well it works.

Are you impressed with what you see in the video? Let us know your thoughts below.