The Final Fantasy 15 Map Size May be over 780 Square Miles

Games are getting bigger and bigger, as are the game maps on which they are based. This has led to people becoming obsessed on working out just how big they are going to be, even though the results can be debatable.

Dualshockers have been obsessing about map for Final Fantasy 15, and just how big it will be. In fact they believe that it is an enormous 786 square miles. Where do they get their data for this calculation of the map size? It appears to have been born out of the recently released driving video released to tease how beautiful the game now looks.

Based on the video they were able to pick out landmarks and vistas that are included in the graphics demonstration and with some mathematical calculations based on screen resolution, maps and many assumptions due to a lack of information they believe they have come up with the answer. They fully admit that it is only an estimate, and there is a margin of error. The fact that the game isn’t yet in its final form should be taken into consideration too.

If they have their calculations correct they have concluded this:

“As a result, the whole area covered by the map, including water, is an enormous 2,036.8 square kilometers, translating to 786.4 square miles.”

Comparing this to other game maps this makes it several times bigger than the main continent in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Grand Theft Auto 5. Though as you’ll notice from the video while those maps have plenty going on, Final Fantasy 15 appears to have many vast areas of countryside to be driven through.

What are your thoughts on the map size for Final Fantasy 15? Do you believe this calculation is right?