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Should Star Wars Battlefront Have Ironsights?

Science Fiction can be a dangerous place, especially for a game based on Star Wars. The big question of the day for Star Wars Battlefront seems to be, did the blasters in the original Star Wars trilogy have ironsights?

The issue has been raised after an interview with DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach has revealed the blasters in the game will not have ironsights. Speaking in OXM, he was quoted as saying:

“There are no ironsights in Star Wars, on the ordinary blasters,” Bach said. “You have scopes on some rifles, but there are no ironsights.”

The questions is, is he right in this claim? Polygon don’t seem to think he is, and come up with a reasonable reason as to the fact that the blasters did in fact have them. While we could ask if this really matters? I’m sure for some gamers and Star Wars fans it will.

The use of ironsights improve aim and help the player get the shot they need. As Polygon argue just because Stormtroopers didn’t make use of them, does not mean the guns did not offer them. What we also have to remember though is once Disney took over Star Wars, the canonical timeline was adapted to what they wanted it to be. This means that DICE are working from the official designs.

Official or not, when people get hold of Star Wars Battlefront and start to play, if the game does not fit what they expect, there will be plenty of comments about where it has failed. Will fans look at every detail of the game to make sure it fits the Star Wars universe? We know from other games that yes they will. Though looking at Neogaf they are pleased ironsights won’t be in.

Also don’t forget the argument about did Han Solo shoot first? That one still rages on to this day.

Are you bothered about the lack of ironsights in Star Wars: Battlefront? Let us know your thoughts below.