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Rare Destiny Playstation 4 Demo Glitch Bypasses Level Cap

People who are trying the Destiny demo on Playstation 4 are finding that a strange glitch may be letting them past the level cap. This would in theory open up the game to the player just in time for the release of The Taken King.

With users on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter reporting this it does actually appear that it is a rare glitch that has in fact been around for at least six months. If you are interested it may be worth a try, though I’m sure if Bungie find out, they will be quick to either fix it, or remove the demo and make sure any user who are playing using the demo won’t be able to play for much longer.

As the glitch has been around for a while, it is questionable as to why Bungie have left it alone? It may be down to the fact that only a certain number of users have managed to get it working, so it is rare enough to just let go. If not, and it suddenly becomes a well-used exploit, things may change quickly.

With the release of The Taken King coming September 15 there will obviously be people who don’t own Destiny looking to the original demo as a way to see if they should take the leap and purchase the game, I’m sure they’ll be in for a surprise if the level cap was bypassed.

One question that would have to be asked though is, if people do find themselves in a situation where they appear to have the game for free from a glitch, Do they stop playing? If they do keep going of course, the real answer would be to purchase the game.

What are your thoughts on this glitch? Will Bungie act on it and stop people from using it? Let us know your thoughts below.