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Deus Ex Human Revolution Backwards Compatibility is Coming!

We know you have thought about it, and so have we; apparently, the developers of Deus Ex Human Revolution are no different because they are also working on backwards compatibility for the game!

Although the news is quite big for the series fans, it came out from a rather unexpected source. Someone asked the Twitter profile of the franchise whether a backwards compatible version of the game was possible to which they replied:

We’re working to make it happen. We’re hoping to have good news soon!

I would have preferred a trailer or at least some formal announcement from the developers directly but – in all honesty – I would take it the way it is as long as their “work” on the feature ends in success.

That being said, I do expect Square Enix and / or Eidos Montreal to start talking about it soon so that we know more about the progress.

For now, that is all we have relating to Deus Ex Human Revolution backwards compatibility although there is interesting stuff happening elsewhere. For instance, we now know that Deus Ex Mankind Divided is going to hit the racks on February 23, 2016.

While you wait for Deus Ex Mankind Divided wouldn’t it be a good idea that you get to try out Deus Ex Human Revolution on the Xbox One?