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Ace Attorney 6 Confirmed for 3DS; Comes with a Faster Gameplay

Capcom has confirmed that they are currently working on Ace Attorney 6, the next installment in the visual novel based adventure / drama series.

The news originally came out through Japanese magazine Famitsu where it was reported that the title is being developed for Nintendo 3DS and will offer a new game system.

Courtesy of the new game system that Ace Attorney 6 is going to push, the gameplay will be faster than it used to be in the previous entries in the series.

Moving on, the magazine also reported that Capcom will bring the game to this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2016) where fans will be able to get a hands-on demo.

Although Famitsu is mostly a reliable, it is still not the official source of information which is why a confirmation was required.

Soon after the news came out, Capcom reiterated what had been reported, hence confirming that Ace Attorney 6 is actually coming. They have, however, added that this is just the working title for the game, suggesting that it could end up being called something altogether different.

Back in 2014 it was rumored that the next Ace Attorney was going to be set in the Meiji Era of Japan.

Sadly, we don’t know yet if those rumors are true at all. We will have to wait for official information from Capcom now.