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The Pokemon Company File Insane Lawsuit Against PAX Kickoff Party

The lords and creators of the Pokemon franchise, known as The Pokemon Company, have filed a lawsuit against the organizers of a PAX party that was scheduled for last week.

According to Motherboard, Unofficial Pokemon PAX Kickoff Party has infringed copyright laws by using Pokemon branding and character images for promotional materials. In addition to this, The Pokemon Company is also taking additional action against Ramar Larkin Jones and Zach Shore for charging for the tickets while using Pokemon material.

While the infringement is foolish and unnecessary, The Pokemon Company is going rather overreacting. According to the lawsuit, The Pokemon Company is looking for statutory damages within the highest ranged allowed by law, and recovery of all fees that are being spent on this lawsuit by the firm.

While The Pokemon Company can claim its rights, the lawsuit is rather harsh, as it attempts to legally extract all the money this Kickoff Party has managed to make over the years since its start in 2011.

Generally, events like Gamescom and PAX are filled with such adaptations/usage of copyright characters and series, and is usually considered as fandom. However, The Pokemon Company may be denting this trend with such a heavy lawsuit. A normal warning would’ve sufficed to shut down the party, but actively going after the organizers seems petty of such a massive organization.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you think The Pokemon Company is right in its action, or is it rather harsh? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.