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Star Citizen Alpha v1.2 Brings Social Module

Robert Space Industries has released Alpha version 1.2 with Social Module for Star Citizen. Users can download it from live servers and thousands of backers tested the social module in PTU.

Here are some of the highlights from v1.2:


  • Our first multiplayer planetside environment, the ArcCorp Area 18 Landing Zone, is now available for testing.
    During this testing phase where players will have a shared ‘spawn’ location, player collision is disabled on ArcCorp.

The first areas available to explore in ArcCorp include:

  • ArcCorp Customs area.
  • Medical Bay.
  • JobWell, sponsored by the Trade and Development Division of ArcCorp.
  • G~Loc Bar.
  • Astro-Armada.
  • Dumper’s Depot.
  • Cubby Blast.

Some areas of ArcCorp are not yet available during this initial launch. Some of those intentionally off-limits include:

  • The Casaba Outlet.
  • The Medical Bay Emergency Room.
  • The ArcCorp landing pad.
  • The elevator to the second floor of Astro-Armada.
  • The firing range at Cubby Blast.

v1.2 also brings plenty of gameplay fixes, improvements and more. You can read the entire list of changes over at the official website.

Do you play Star Citizen? What do you think of it so far? Comment with your opinion below.