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Shenmue 3 Gets a Kickstarter Update on Development Progress

Shenmue 3, the game that has led to a high demand in pre-owned Dreamcast Consoles, is one of the most popular games on Kickstarter and so that is where the developers are updating the backers on the development progress.

They have provided a chart for the progress where the first four stages are listed as Composition, Story, Planning and Game Flow. They list six other unnamed stages before finally showing the last stage as the one where they will debug and test the game.

In the first stage i.e. Composition they explained that while the game is set in different regions (Hong Kong, Yokosuka etc.) they “cannot finish with just one chapter in one region, so I had to restructure the story to fit within the scope of Shenmue III.”

In the story stage they “rethink the storyline to make a more coherent flow, such as writing additional stories and making other changes” before digging into the planning stage where the scope of the game is adjusted based on the backing Shenmue 3 has received on Kickstarter (which is huge).

The Game Flow stage, which “is about placing various cut scenes, events, battles, and quests in order,” was just finished a couple of days ago and that is where the game is right now.

Shenmue 3 Development Progress Chart

Ys Net promises to provide monthly updates on the progress as we go deeper in the game development. Last but not the least, developers have hinted at Shenmue 3 being present at 2015 Tokyo Game Show and China’s CHUAPPĂ—2015.