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PlatinumGames Answer Gamer Questions on Scalebound

IGN have been spending some time revealing details about Scalebound, and their final look included a chance to ask project director Hideki Kamiya and creative producer Jean-Pierre Kellams anything about the game. They revealed some interesting things that will be featured in the world of Drew and his dragon friend.

On the problems often found while flying and fighting on top of dragons Kamiya said:

“There are quite a few ways to approach this, but right now we are figuring out “Scalebound’s way” of doing things. We want it to feel like something from PlatinumGames, with tight controls that make you feel like you are a part of the action.”

Giving an idea of the map size:

“Our map size is something that we feel is just right for Scalebound, it isn’t too large, but it also isn’t too small; it is the size we think you need to adventure alongside your friends and their dragons.”

On if the dragon can be given enhanced abilities:

“There are definitely more than one way to customize you dragons. Even within those customizations, there will be plenty of levels and variations to choose from.”

Along with the dragon, what kind of upgrades will Drew himself have?

“Skill points are Drew’s experience points in the game. The more you battle, the more of these points you will be able to obtain, and you will be able to use these points to by the moves or abilities that you’d like. One of the choices you will be to make is to make your Dragon Form skills more powerful.”

Do they have an idea what the release date will be?

“Our game is still pre-alpha right now, so we are focused on making the game as awesome as we possibly can. That is why we have announced a Holiday 2016 release date. See you at the end of next year!”

There is plenty more to read in the long interview with the makers of Scalebound, so if you are interested in the game it is well worth a read.

Are you looking forward to Scalebound? Let us know your thoughts below.